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Six best reasons to implement inbound marketing

Six best reasons to implement inbound marketing

The general reason for using inbound marketing in your business is simply that it’s vastly more effective than its predecessor, outbound marketing. Campaigns which featured direct mail to customers, including postcards, flyers, brochures, and even emails, historically achieved only very limited success, which is not surprising, since the likelihood of reaching someone actually interested in your products was usually in the realm of sheer luck.


By contrast, inbound marketing creates opportunities for potential customers to contact you instead, and these are high-quality leads, in the sense that they are far more likely to purchase your product. Inbound marketing has seen a tremendous rise in recent years, and that soaring popularity is largely due to the insatiable consumer need for Internet content. By properly using this content, companies can establish themselves as leaders of their industry, and funnel prospective clients inward, to increase the likelihood of a sale.

The six best reasons to implement inbound marketing at your business

That being the case, here are the six strongest reasons for using inbound marketing to grow your business:

Lower cost – leads generated from inbound marketing are always cheaper to acquire than the huge costs associated with some kind of direct mail campaign. This is not even a close call – inbound marketing costs are often only half the cost of a mail marketing campaign

• Better leads – as stated in the opening, inbound marketing generates much more qualified prospects, because many of them actually need the product or service. By contrast, a majority of direct mail sent to disinterested prospects ends up in the garbage, or at the bottom of the bird cage

Greater personalization – inbound marketing makes use of analytics that can tell you a great deal about your customers. This allows you to focus your message on selling points which appeal to them personally, whereas with outbound marketing you really know nothing at all about the people you are attempting to contact, and your message must be general in nature

Powerful analytics – analytics can tell you where your website traffic is coming from, and what it is they are searching for. Between sound SEO principles and Google Analytics, you have a great deal of insight into what prospects actually need and want, and this allows you to develop precise marketing campaigns

• Increased branding – inbound marketing makes it much easier for your company to position itself as an authority in your industry, both locally and worldwide, since the Internet has global reach. When your business becomes recognized around the world, the logical extension of that is greater traffic to your website and greater business growth

• Trust and loyalty building – by its very nature, inbound marketing builds trust among your prospects, because it brings users into you, rather than you seeking them out. As you make use of sound inbound marketing tactics like useful and informative blogs, social media presence that features direct contact with users, and website participation and contact points, your company positions itself as an authority in the market, and shows genuine concern for users’ needs. This earns trust, respect, and loyalty from customers, instead of turning them off with a direct mail campaign that trumpets a hard-sell message

In summary

Outbound marketing had its time and its place, but there is absolutely no doubt that in today’s business world, it is far more effective to make use of sound inbound marketing principles to target more qualified prospects. As can be seen from the above information, there are some very specific reasons why inbound marketing is so effective, but there is also a universal reason as well. People are much likelier to buy something when they actually need it, or because it is their own idea to buy – when someone else tries to convince them they need to buy, it isn’t a sales lead that gets generated – it’s sales resistance.


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